Shadow Watchers goes live

Shadow Watchers is the new novel I am currently planning to write.  If all goes well, I will begin the first chapter in a few days.  That said, planning is going well, but slow.  For the first time in a while, I am creating all of the characters, both major and minor in advance.

Let’s face it, I’m lazy as a writer.  I usually create a few major characters with background for a novel.  I just sort of fudge it through the first draft, then flesh things out during rewrite.  This system has served me well over the years and lends to minty freshness, but it makes rewrites a pain in the ass.  While attempting to cut words and tighten the story up, I have to stop and remember what a character looks like and how they act instead of having a reference. 

Now, the premise of Shadow Watchers is thus:  A Chicago cop chases a cop-killer into an abandoned building only to watch as something other-worldly kill the suspect. When nightmares about what happened threaten to drive him crazy he starts a paranormal investigation group, in a quest to find answers and save his sanity.  That’s what I start every novel with.  If any of you think about stealing it, I’ll have to hurt you.

I have researched paranormal investigation tools and techniques, which I think lends some validity to the story but, in the end, SW is a fictional story.  I’m also creating fictional case files for the story.  Horror fans who watch the reality Ghost programs on cable will love this book.

Shadow Watchers will also be the first novel I have written in first person.  For those of you non-writers out there, First Person means written from only one point of view.  I have never ventured into this style because I always thought it shortchanged the story by not showing more than one point of view.  We’ll see how it works out.

In the end, my goal is to once again delve into things that slither in the dark.  My desire is to entertain and give you goosebumps, but also maybe open your mind to another realm.  I think every person, regardless of whether they’re willing to admit it or not, has had some kind of paranormal experience.  This novel will have elements of many types of paranormal experiences, but if you have experiences you would like to share, hit my Facebook page at and share them with me. 

On another note, once I begin writing the story, I will share a few excerpts right here.  So keep coming back and tuning in.


About dlwhitehead

I am an author from Northern Nevada. My first novel, Darwin's Sword, is available now from and I've been writing since I was thirteen and hope to scare all of you soon with my second release, which is still to be determined.
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